ARS Toolkit

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Copyright notice: These documents are the property of ARS. Please contact Sasha McLean at [email protected] for additional information. No one may use this toolkit for mass production, monetary gain, or distribution without the permission of ARS Board. 

The purpose of the recovery toolkit is to demonstrate how to create and/or maintain a recovery school that follows the Association of Recovery School’s (ARS) mission of providing the best possible education and recovery support services to every student. The toolkit starts with information on the accreditation process and what procedures and documentations are needed to become accredited by the ARS. The rest of the toolkit is then broken down into folders and sub-folders that showcase the various aspects one should know about running a recovery school.

Some of the categories covered in the toolkit include: educational practices, recovery practices planning and budgeting, data analysis and tracking, and many more. Each folder touches on a different area of recovery schools by using examples from various recovery schools (most of whom have already been accredited or are in the process of being accredited). Schools may differ in some of their approaches which allows whoever is using the toolkit to decide what works for their own school.

Please feel free to use these documents to support your school’s overall success!!!

ARS Accreditation Documents – This folder provides all the accreditation criteria and information on the process of becoming an accredited recovery school.

Community Support – This folder provides all the notes of past ARS webinars for school staff as well as tips and feedback that recovery school staff left on the private ARS Virtual Community Facebook page

Data Analysis/Tracking – This folder provides the variety of ways to track students’ daily progress, school outcomes, and everything in between.

Educational Practices – This folder provides examples for setting up course curricula and related materials.

In the News/Media – This folder provides all news articles and videos that showcased recovery schools. All news articles and videos are being used for educational/teaching purposes only. All rights go to the publisher of each particular news article or video.

Planning/Budgeting/Leadership – This folder provides details on various business and administrative tasks that are needed to run a successful recovery school.

Recovery High School Legislation – This folder provides detail on important legislation that has had or can have an effect on recovery schools.

Recovery Practices – This folder gives methods and examples of how recovery schools can promote recovery and provide support to their students.

Research – This folder provides some prominent journal articles written by various experts in the field of recovery schools. This is not the entire list but is good base for research in the field. Please note all journal articles present are to be used for educational or training purposes only.

School Handbooks, Policies, & Forms – This folder showcases the various handbooks, policies, and forms that are used for incoming students and their families.